Wage and Hour

California Wage and Hour Attorneys

The attorneys at the Brown Gitt Law Group, ALC, are pleased to assist employers with wage and hour matters that may arise in the course of business. A wage and hour matter will typically manifest itself when a disgruntled employee feels he or she has not been sufficiently compensated or reimbursed for his or her work efforts.

Often, a wage and hour matter will be raised by an employee who has been terminated, or laid off, or is anticipating the possibility of losing his or her job. Another frequent cause of wage and hour complaints is overtime pay disputes.

Having clear overtime pay, vacation pay and employee reimbursement policies incorporated into employee contracts are important first steps in preventing wage and hour disputes. It is also helpful to have clear postings of these policies.

The wage and hour attorneys at the Brown Gitt Law Group have substantial experience in this area, beginning with experience at the solicitor's office at the United States Department of Labor. Brown Gitt Law Group provides legal services designed to prevent wage and hour disputes, or, if a wage and hour dispute occurs, with dispute resolution and, if necessary, litigation.

Some of the wage and hour matters we handle include:

  • Litigation/advice/draft/review/audits/postings
  • Overtime pay
  • Rest breaks
  • Vacation
  • Minimum wage
  • Tips
  • Uniforms
  • Meal periods
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Exempt/nonexempt misclassifications
  • Exempt employees
  • Off-the-clock
  • Bonuses/commissions
  • Bonus policies
  • Audits by government agencies

Our lawyers represent employers throughout the state of California and are pleased to provide assistance to out-of-state clients as well. If you need assistance with the prevention or resolution of a wage and hour matter, call our office in Pasadena, California. For assistance by e-mail, contact us.